Search for File
Name: Search for File
Funktion: Sucht Dateien in Abhängigkeit von Zeit und Datum.
Betriebssystem: Windows
Typ: Befehlszeile
Version: 1.00
Preis: Freeware

Search for File  Version 1.00
Copyright (C) 1998 Hosang Informatik. All rights reserved.

SF files [/T:time] [/D:date] [/D:days] [/M:matchfile] [/L:listfile] [/C:path]
  [/E] [/O] [/S] [/P] [/R]

  files          Files to search
  /[.ss]  Search time
  /  Search date
  /D:days        Number of days before current date
  /M:filename    Use time and date from match file
  /L:filename    Output list file
  /C:path        Copy found files to path
                 Use in combination with /E to move files
  /E             Erase found files
  /O             Search for older files
  /S             List files with seconds
  /P             Pause display
  /R             Report of found files

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